My homeboy's album "Programm'd Muzic" by Wolfgang Amadeuz. This song is called Live 4 Life and it features my home girl Death Damone along with Speshyo da Don, Scholar, 2 Real and Inglwood Cruz. You want to hear real Hip Hop... this is at its best.

Enjoy Until...



 Poet Until featured on the song "Frozen" from the album "Programm'd Muzic" by Wolfgang Amadeuz. To purchase this album please go to


D-D (Until) Radio Drop

 The Until & Harmony Live Radio Show old drop when they were on

Until's Book of the Week Clips (old)

UBOW: Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume

Celebrity Time Machine Chef Silvena Rowe's book Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume" is a celebration of the audacious flavors imprinted in her D.N.A from her late father. She shares with us her history. Enjoy! Until... 

Until's Book of the Week Clip (Old)

UBOW: G. Garvin Dining In

 Until created her very own radio segment entitled "Until's Book of the Week" in March of 2010 on the Sunset and Gumbo radio and since then it's been featured on "The Ladies Night Take Over" and now featured on the "Until & Harmony Live." Enjoy! Until... 

Spoken-Word CD: IJWTW

Until's Poetry:  I would like to introduce to you my very first SpokenWord/Poetry CD that coincides with my very first poetry edition with the same title "I Just Want to Write!" that I have just self-published July 3, 2014.  This CD illustrates what is known to be my moniker which is "Poetry is me. Therefore I am Poetry." When listening to this CD you will feel my heart, soul and my essence. Art in its purest form. May you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it and putting it together.